Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Canoga Park residence garage had exploded waking the neighbors | Raw footage

A small home's garage and shed exploded on a quit street in Canoga Park - Los Angeles northern valley.

Photo: Blast site on the 7500 block along n. Sale ave West Hills, Ca. 91307 This is photos of the site 16 hours after it occurred. Credits: Baddboyfilms news | Tv news services Los Angeles, CA

A gas leak was ruled out.

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More scenes from the Blast site on the outside
Baddboyfilms news video

Massive Explosion in West Hills blasting wood chips all over the block

The blast occurred on the 7500 block of north sale avenue after 2:00pm Wednesday, Los Angeles Police said.

Two teens are said to be homeless after the the family of this home has no where to put them. The home on the 7500 block of Sale Av that they were living in, had a little problem .  The garage exploded and it shook their house to ruin making it unsafe to occupy. 

When someone tries to remodel a home without proper city building and safety permits, these things can happen. 

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Large explosion destroys a garage | canoga park Wednesday West Hills news
There was a loud sonic boom sound which shook an entire block on the 

If you are a handyman and you want to help out a friend to get his home in a remodel without city safety permits, be careful no one finds out. You can blow the deal unannounced! Just get the permits - next time.